Guardians of the Galaxy: Review



Finally, a real space adventure. Where the second instalment of Thor left us wondering who the dark creature was that showed up after the credits, Guardians of the galaxy gives us the answer. Except the focus of Guardians lies on a group of very unlikely…ehm.. people getting together in a quest to save an important orb from the dark powers that be.

The charming outlaw Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), a female green killing machine Gamora (Zoë Saldana), the rude rodent Rocket (Bradley Cooper), the walking talking (well, barely talking) tree Groot (Vin Diesel) and Drax, a blue buff prisoner (Dave Bautista) who seemingly have nothing in common join hands and start unwillingly working together to retrieve the orb. They each have their individual reasons to get this miniglobe in their possession, but soon their personal motivations are overshadowed by the greater good and power of this artefact.

Guardians of the galaxy is a fun ride. The action is riveting, the visuals stunning, and the comic relief has its audience in chuckles many a times. The genre should actually mention comedy, since I haven’t laughed as much with any of the movies officially given that label in a long time. The unlikely hero, well almost anti-hero, Peter Quill (played by the relatively unknown Chris Pratt) has such an obnoxious quality about him yet will charm the pants off the audience, male or female, much like an Indiana Jones in space. The whole cast has tremendous chemistry. Noticeably, the cameos by the likes of Glenn Close, John C. Reilly and Benicio Del Toro amongst others playing out of character parts, the hidden talent of Lee Pace (if you’ve never heard of this actor you should check out his resume), Vin Diesel and of course Stan Lee are a real treat.

Hopefully, Guardians of the galaxy will have a long life in theatres, because much like its brothers and sisters from the Marvel family, you’ll want to follow the adventures of this lovely bunch. Whereas the humour is more subtle in the other Marvel instalments, Guardians provide less drama in favour of fun, laughter and action. Go see this movie, and if you’re into it, the 3D really sucks you into the movie. And stay until the end, because as you may know Marvel and Disney will provide entertainment until the last second.

We give GOTG five stars. One for each hero, or else one for the action, one for the humour, one for the effects, one for the adventure and one for the 3D.

Guardians of the Galaxy are playing in theaters as from August 13th.



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