Maleficent Review

Maleficent spins perception. by JJ

There’s always at least two sides to a story. Now we can finally get Maleficent’s perspective and find out why one of the most terrifying villains of all times went on to curse an innocent newborn to become the Sleeping Beauty we’ve grown to love. Maleficent manages to convincingly explain the turn of events that led to Aurora pricking her pretty finger.

After a whole year of anticipation, Disney has delivered another classic of EPIC proportions that certainly meets the expectations. Fairy and fiery creatures inhabit a breathtaking world seperated from the world of men by a guarded forest. Maleficent will be right at the frontier as the fairy world meets man’s world by what appears at first to be a chance encounter. Without revealing too much, this encounter will take a turn for the worst, creating an even greater division between man and magic…

There’s a few rumours in our world to dispell as well : Maleficent turned out to be a very family friendly movie without losing it’s appeal for adults. After all, we’ve grown up with terrifying villains other than Maleficent, even if she takes the crown for many amongst us. Angelina Jolie embodies Maleficent in such a way it’s impossible to imagine anyone else taking on the part. The tortured soul of her character and the complicated relationship that develops between Malificent and Aurora make us believe and understand the power of the curse, even if after the spinning wheel has done it’s worst this version of events takes us away from Sleeping Beauty.

Visually, this movie is stunning. Emotionally, this journey is enchanting : the moment mother and daughter in real life meet on the screen is certainly one to remember.

So as the saying goes : to believe you have to see for yourself.
And to enhance the enchantment make sure to go see it in 3D.


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